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Sports Hub

Vision Document of the Development of Fetterangus Community Sports Hub

Author:-Ewen Reid Member of Fetterangus Community Sports Hub Committee Dated: - 28th March 2018

Purpose- a summary of the positive community benefits connected with the implementation and progression of the proposed Fetterangus Community Sports Hub which encompasses the upgrading of the grassed playing area and the construction of a Community Pavilion.

The Project Aim Extracted directly from Fetterangus Community Action Plan Dated November 2015:- “To provide within Fetterangus, recreational facilities which can support and encourage both young and old to participate in physical activities whether it be as an individual or within an organization.”

The Community Action Plan dated November 2015 compiled by the Buchan Development Partnership on behalf of the Fetterangus Community Association with respect to Planning For Real®.

The exercise involved consultation and canvassing of the whole Fetterangus community. Information generated was reviewed, prioritized, collated and subsequently distributed to the whole community. The document prioritizes the desired upgrades of the village amenities in an easily understood 12 page colour brochure that clearly documents the village’s future aspirations.

The document opening detailed priority is under the heading “Children and Early Years” exemplifies the vision with the minimum of words what this project will deliver- “working with partners to improve the health and wellbeing of children and to give them the best possible start in life.”

A summary of related positive community benefits connected with the progression of the Fetterangus Community Sports Hub project.
The Fetterangus community has always been a progressive and ambitious organization, from the building of the Chalmers Institute in 1896 to the construction of the village wind turbine in 2013 to name but a few successes.

The Buchan Development Partnership’s public consultation census is a detailed and professionally presented document that clearly shows and demonstrates the priorities of Fetterangus in the Fetterangus Community Action Plan starting from November 2015.

The aim of this exercise was to provide a community action plan and by its subsequent development highlights the necessity that for true village development it requires community participation.

It was noted at this time that this document should be viewed as a live document and as such be updated and distributed on a regular basis. Thus keeping the community both well informed and actively involved in project progression.

Improved recreational facilities and improvements to the Chalmers Institute are both in the Top Four Priorities highlighted by the review. As such it is logical to assume that both projects are of equal importance and integral to each other’s success. Both projects adhere and meet the vision statement highlighted in this document.

While the upgrade of the hall has been well publicised it is disappointing to note that the Sports Hub is less well known within the community.

The following itemized list of positive benefits supports the Initial Buchan Community Plan decision for the active progression of the proposed Community Sports Hub which will incorporate a new Community Pavilion and an upgraded grassed playing area.

It is important to recognize that the community pavilion due to its location, with the facility for off road parking of (36) vehicle’s and supporting toilet facilities compliments and supports existing amenities as well as complimenting additional amenity upgrades as proposed and detailed in this 2015 Action Plan.

The proposed community sports hub will be built at the existing football pitch location on the western perimeter of the village. However the community hub should not only be viewed as a football facility as Sport Scotland puts an emphasis on supporting and developing other sports and physical activities.

Please note the detailed positive objectives of the proposed Sports Community Hub are not presented in any order of priority or importance.

Summary of the Positive Attributes Connected with the Proposed Construction of Fetterangus Communal Sports Hub.

While the village has continued to develop, modernize and expand unfortunately the amenities for sporting activities have regressed. It is important to note that this is through no fault of the community or any organization within the Fetterangus community.

Detailed below are proposals and information by the Recreational Sub Committee relating on how we propose to move forward the Community Sports Hub project to a successful conclusion. We appreciate that there are a number of outstanding technical and financial issues that require being resolved.

This document has been compiled as a discussion document only and it is acknowledged it would be beneficial and helpful to organize and schedule a meeting solely to explain how we plan to progress and resolve any remaining outstanding technical challenges.

Itemized Bullet Points to Support Proposal to Progress
Fetterangus Community Sports Hub

Fishie Sports Hub Community Benefit mission statement 2015: “The aim is to provide within Fetterangus, recreational facilities, with the object of improving conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primary intended.”

Starting on a positive note the Fetterangus Community Association has been fortunate to have gained and accepted a £100K grant from Sport Scotland towards an estimated cost of £255K for building the Community Pavilion.

This is a great achievement in these financial troubled times. However the build time from commencement of build in July 2018 to its completion in February 2019 is a tight and challenging schedule.

On the 19th March Grant Duncan of Sport Scotland intimated that this could possibly be extended by (2-3) months maximum. He did stress the importance of good communication and continuous updates on project progression.

It should also be noted that strict adherence to Sport Scotland’s terms and conditions are required during the execution and completion of the work. Until we receive a detailed schedule of works from both the quantity surveyor and architect it will be difficult to compile a more accurate costing of the project. Please note we require 3 tenders for the project and to commence works on the 2nd July 2018 and complete the works by the 31st March 2019.

The existing village pitch was previously an Aberdeenshire Council Asset and is presently in the process of being changed to a village one.
The facility has been the home base for the Strathythan Primary School 5 a-side football in the summer months since its conception over 40 years ago. The proposed improvements should facilitate the following benefits:-

Improved road safety is a welcome benefit with off road parking for the many parents transporting their children to this event. It should also effectively improve road safety of the general public as this area during this period effectively becomes a “single track road” at a notably accepted bad corner.

Toilet and changing facilities on site will also be beneficial in improving the comfort of both participants and parents.
This improved off road parking facility should also encourage the general public to use this facility as a central point for using the many of the footpaths that have been created over the last few years.

The proposed new kitchen facilities and serving hatch for snacks will be integral to the Community Pavilion. This will assist the village PTA who provide snacks and drinks at the Strathythan Tournament.

The monies generated from this event ultimately funds the extra curriculum activities within the school calendar.
With the recently constructed pedestrian access from the school to the sports facility this should encourage an increased use by the primary school.

The toilet facilities should be made accessible to all organisations and the general public attending burials at the cemetery. Security of property is easily achieved with either swipe cards or keypad activation.

The Central Buchan area is fortunate that the majority of organisations are well supported by volunteers. There is an accepted acknowledgement that there is a shortage of affordable facilities within the area. This facility would also help to alleviate this problem.

It is well documented that primary pupils are now less prone to be involved in physical activities. It is also recognized that being a member of team activity improves the social skills of youngsters.

While physical exercise benefits are well recognized Physical Activity Guidelines state ‘that children should part take in 60 minutes of moderate / vigorous activity per day”

Future Use Vision
With these proposed additional amenities individuals within existing organizations have already shown interest on re focusing to encouraging youngster participation. One suggestion is to re- start a functioning youth club within the village. If this amenity proves successful it should generate further interest such that we as can extend the Community pavilion to include a Fitness Room and also improve the overall amenity with an all-weather surface. This was original shown in initial proposal but has been removed due to financial constraints. If this all-weather surface was to come to fruition this would then generate an income.

This Fishie Sports Hub Community Project will provide greatly improved sport and recreation facilities as well as widening the choices and benefits available to the whole community of Fetterangus and surrounding area. We appreciate that this a major undertaking but the community has a history of successfully completing difficult projects.

Conclusion Statements and Further Proposals for Consideration
As a matter of urgency we should progress with the detailed technical specification of the pavilion build. Items that require clarification are drainage, internal wall construction, and services are the top 3 priorities.
Submit tender documents to 3 contractors and agree criteria on an impartial decision process.

The Sports Hub Committee, a Sub Committee of FCA has previously proposed an open night in the hall, separate from the monthly FCA meeting to update any interested parties or individuals.

Due to the overall tight schedule for completing the whole project can I request that the Sports Hub Committee be given limited authorisation to progress the project without consultation? This is due to the limited time between now and the start date of the 2nd July 2018. It would also be beneficial if an Office Bearer of Fetterangus Community Committee is seconded to this subcommittee, thus ensuring good and open communication between the Sports Hub Committee and the full Fetterangus Community Association.

Ideally a mutually agreed formal procedure should be generated such that the Fetterangus Sports Hub Sub Committee does not mistakenly overstep its authority.

The 2015 Community Plan provides a template document for guidance and we currently have a Village Development Officer. As such it would be beneficial if we once more canvas the village on their vision regarding further village development.
As a closing statement can I take the opportunity to restate the main vision from the 2015 Community Plan.

” Children and Early Years: - working with partners to improve the health and wellbeing children and to give them the best possible start in life”

We as parents and grandparents need to deliver on this commitment thus proving to our children that our word is our bond.

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