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History of Fishie

The village of Fetterangus lies some ten miles west of Peterhead in North Aberdeenshire.

As a settlement it dates back to pre history, and the name Fetterangus is said to be derived from the Gaelic Fo-thir Aonaich meaning Land before a Hill despite the fact there is no hill!

The village is colloquially known as “Fishie”. Reasons for this abound (including tales of fish wives and harbours) but it would appear that in reality it has some connection with an earlier settlement.

Todays village was established in 1752 as a “planned village” by the third James Ferguson of Pitfour as a centre for his estate workers and for trades people serving the estate. It supported a wide range of shops and services as well as two churches and the public hall which was a place for meetings and entertainment.

Looking south from North Place.

Looking north from Duke Street

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