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FCA Small Grants Scheme

Fetterangus Community Association (FCA) aims to maintain a thriving and happy Fetterangus community who can afford to invest and develop village assets and services for their own wellbeing and enjoyment.

To help achieve this, we have a grants scheme that is open to voluntary/non-profit-making organisations and community initiatives primarily based in Fetterangus and the surrounding area, whose project can be clearly shown to have long-term benefit, which improves the quality of life for local people and for which there is a definite community need.

What Do We Support?
In general terms the grant should meet some or all of the following criteria:-
Improvement to quality of life for local people
Involvement of a wide section of the local community
Sustainability (duration/permanence) of benefits
Additional social, economic or environment benefits
Benefits to the amenity of the area

How Much Can We Apply For?
The maximum size of this award will be 1000, but only apply for what you need. If your project requires more than this, you should contact our Development Officer for further information: fetterangusdo@gmail.com

If your group is constituted, we will require a copy of your Constitution, along with details of your bank account. If you require help with this, please contact our Development Officer.
If equipment is to be purchased, we will need details. Please provide specification, visual detail or quotes where applicable. If any work is to be undertaken, we will require a quote.
Grants or any part of the grant must be only spent on the purpose for which it was given. If, for any reason, there is a need to vary the way in which the grant is to be spent, written permission to do so must be obtained.

How Will We Know If We Are Sucessful?
Fetterangus Community Association meets on the last Thursday of the month. If you wish your application to be considered, you should submit it at least one week in advance of the meeting, otherwise it will be held over till the following month.
Your application will be acknowledged on receipt. If we require further information, we will contact the named person on the form. We aim to give you a decision at the next Fetterangus Community Association meeting.

We request that all successful applicants submit a short report along with photographs on completion of their project or at the six month stage. This may be used on our website to publicise the Grant Scheme.

Further Information
If you require further help or information, please contact:info@fishie.org.uk

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